About Next Level

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What is the Next Level?

Next Level is a collaboration between Sheridan, Wyoming, schools and the broader Sheridan community to ensure high school graduation for all local youth.

We believe in:

  • The inherent worth of every child in our community.
  • The desire to see each individual thrive from birth through graduation.
  • The knowledge that a high school education and diploma positively impact graduates’ futures.

Next Level’s pillars are:

Early Childhood

Improve kindergarten readiness; provide training and support for early childhood providers and parents of young children.

Student Attendance

Improve student attendance across the K-12 spectrum.

Community Engagement

Engage individuals, businesses, organizations, and agencies in focused efforts to ensure graduation.

Multiple Pathways to Graduation

Offer multiple, flexible, and varied avenues for high school-aged students to earn a diploma.

Next Level endeavors to see every child graduate and succeed as a productive, informed citizen in higher education and/or the workplace. Primarily, our work is preventative in nature, targeting factors that impact graduation from birth through junior high school. We also work with high school students, building multiple pathways to graduation and success while preparing individuals to achieve their unique goals.

Next Level serves as a connector, linking students and families to resources and programs to help them graduate by helping them meet their varied social, emotional, and academic needs. Next Level also connects students and schools’ key community resources and individuals, including local businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community volunteers.

By empowering and connecting Sheridan’s youth and their support systems we will work to ensure that every child in Sheridan can truly reach the Next Level.